It Doesn't Fly
Here are several questions which I am always asked, that, in reality, constitute one huge question which must be addressed as such.

The first question is: if I can heal anything, and only I can heal myself, who needs you, or EMC² or the AIM Program or, for that matter, any external program?

Secondly, I am usually asked, "What can you say to convince me to get on the AIM Program?"

The last question is: "Can you comment on other forms of Energetic Balancing?" The implied question here is, if we do need help, why should we choose the AIM Program over other energetic balancing programs, some of which are less expensive?

The questions may be combined as, "Why do I need any help at all, and if I do need help why not choose the least expensive program?"

I believe the first question is the most interesting, because:
A) it's the wrong question, and
B) it is asked of the wrong person
The correct answer to your question is, you do not need me or the AIM Program or anyone else to heal you, because, you and only you heal yourself, and that you are indeed capable of healing anything. However, that information is probably of little or no use to you.

The real question you must ask is, "Will you heal yourself?", and you must ask it of yourself.

We here at EMC² have great confidence in your ability to heal yourself while you are on the AIM Program. That is because we have no doubt about your absolute discipline, dedication, determination and focus… because the AIM Program offers you no other option. If you are receiving Energetic Balancing from the AIM Program you are spending 24 hours a day healing every imbalance you have. In fact, here in Las Vegas, receiving Energetic Balancing from the AIM program of EMC², healing yourself is all you do. That is the miracle of the Spiritual Technology of healing yourself, holographically. On the other hand, what will you do, on your own, without Energetic Balancing? Will you give the effort required, rather than the effort you can spare? If healing requires 15 hours a day, will you say, "I'll give you two?" I hope not, because it will not work. Unfortunately, you cannot negotiate with God. So, you see, your question is, "will you heal yourself ", not "can you heal yourself. "Will you provide the discipline, the focus, the dedication on your own? If the answer is yes, then you do not need a healer or a computer or anything or anyone to remind you and assist you. Furthermore, the answer to that question, once again, resides in your consciousness. Look there for your answer.

I'm sure there is someone who would say, "I wish to build my house without an electric saw or drill or nail gun." My response would be, "that is your choice, and you can certainly build your house, anyway. You are simply giving up some tools. You will build your house with your effort and your intention. The tools are only there to facilitate. In fact, if you have a better tool, you'd be a fool to use something inferior. To carry this absurd thought a bit further, if you choose to maintain your house without a vacuum cleaner, that's fine. No one may, and no one should suggest that either you or your house is any the worse for your choice. I only suggest you examine what you are giving up, and what you gain by doing so. A tool is just a tool. It may be helpful, but it is neither spiritual nor metaphysical nor philosophical. If you hear a spiritually elevating message that has been broadcast over the airwaves, the broadcast does not diminish the message. There are no ascendant radios, televisions or podcasts. All that is relevant is the meaning within the message and your willingness to hear it.

I think it is also appropriate to add that I believe that the AIM Program and any other external means of energetic assistance are merely interim measures, and are destined to fall by the wayside when we fulfill our energetic destiny…which is quantum consciousness.

In regard to the second question, there is nothing I can say that will convince you of the need for and the validity of Energetic Balancing. It is not that there is nothing I can say, but literally nothing that can be said that will convince you. It's not my job to do so. I'm here only to inform you, as a messenger. The rest is up to you. You can not use your logic. Your scientific ability will not help you a bit. In fact, it is quite possible that your left brain will lead you astray. That is because only your instinct can convince you of the validity of the AIM Program, and the need for Energetic Balancing. It must resonate within you, and when it does you will feel it, or hear it or see it as an absolute and obvious truth. Whether the truth is reasonable or not is irrelevant. It need only be true. The words that describe a truth may be simple or they may be eloquent. That too is irrelevant, because either way, they are still words. Magic occurs when you feel an absolute truth. I believe you must insist on the magic.

The last question is critically important, and, to answer it I must try to remove my ego from the process. If you know me then you understand that is no easy task.

In my experience, there is no technology that does not progress and improve. In most cases the improvements are obvious, and easily measured. I do not believe the Spiritual Technology we use at EMC², the AIM Program, is an exception to that rule. In other words, someday I'll encounter an Energetic Balancing program that is more effective than the AIM Program. If I don't encounter it in my lifetime, I still believe it will happen. It's an historic inevitability.

Now, to illustrate my point, let me talk about airplanes, about which I know nothing. If we both manufacture airplanes, you may claim yours is superior because it is:
   A) faster
   B) more economical to operate
   C) less expensive to purchase

I believe it is fair to say that none of these factors are relevant in the case of a plane that doesn't fly. Obviously, it's easier to evaluate airplanes than Energetic Balancing programs, because no matter how vitally important Energetic Balancing is to someone, it is possible that the results may not be readily perceived…unless you know exactly how to look for frequencies in consciousness.

Frequencies in consciousness are all we can examine because no computer contains or (I hope) even claims to contain either germs or medications. They can only generate frequencies that you can choose to accept or reject. Healing is a choice you make, and ultimately, it is your responsibility.

I have been able to measure healing in consciousness in people who are not on the AIM Program. I have seen people heal themselves with the help of crystal vibrations. I have seen people heal themselves with the help of prayer and meditation. Healing is not proprietary to anyone or anything. It is exactly as old as life. I said I must try to remove my ego from this issue - here's why: If one invests in a used car that turns out to be a "lemon", one will, most likely not give up on the automobile, or, for that matter, give up on salesmen. Either way, it's neither my concern nor my business. But, if one invests in a technology that purports to help him heal himself, and it fails, he may very well give up on the possibility of any spiritual technology. That would be a tragedy.

That is why, when the AIM Program does not appear to be addressing an imbalance, we take it so seriously. When I look at people allegedly receiving energetic balancing from programs other than the AIM Program, I do not see any evidence of imbalances in consciousness being addressed. I do not see any sign of healing. I don't see any sign of healing of obscure imbalances that have been revealed to EMC², or of imbalances that have been known since biblical times. The only thing I can see is a plane that doesn't fly.

Ironically and historically, if you don't read this on our web site, now, you need only wait a few days and you can read it on many other energetic web sites.

So, the question is, "where does this leave you?", and the answer is, "at square one". You are left with your intuition. What resonates for you and what does not? Sure, there are clues that can help guide you, such as, how do the people advocating these programs look and sound? Or, who is trying to sell you and who is trying to inform you? Ultimately, the answers for you are within you. They are not within me or within them.

I wish you love and light and Godspeed in finding your healing.

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