Some Good Days Are Better Than Others
A few weeks ago we received an e-mail from a facilitator informing us that a woman who had been on The AIM Program for two years, who was very beloved in her community, had passed on. Furthermore, we were told her body seemed to have cancer everywhere.

Now, we at EMC² cannot and do not seek or find disease: however, we do look for imbalances in consciousness. When we do find an imbalance in consciousness, we determine its frequency in units of consciousness, and immediately add it to The AIM Program, so that we may help any and all who have that imbalance remove that frequency from their consciousness.

Everything in life has a frequency, and every frequency may be expressed in units of consciousness. As you know, some frequencies enhance life and life-force and well-being, while other frequencies diminish them. I don't believe we will ever know every frequency at either end of the spectrum. I say that because consciousness is not an absolute, but rather a work-in-progress. That's obviously true when we look at ourselves, and yet, I suspect it's no different for ascendant masters. A friend of mine once said "We search for God not so much to find God, but to become more in the seeking" In other words, at the end of a day, Buddha can examine the events of that day, and perceive how they have increased his consciousness. He then can greet tomorrow with greater consciousness than he had yesterday.

When someone receiving energetic balancing dies I normally look to see which spiritual frequencies are dominant at the time of that person's demise. The answer may be in the structure of their energetic matrix, such as a frequency we associate with a weakness in the orb of heart muscle, or the orb of a blood vessel. It may be a toxicity frequency such as strychnine, or perhaps chemotherapy or radiation. Whatever is present has a frequency in consciousness, because consciousness transcends life-force.

Here at EMC², whenever we lose someone, there is a general air of disappointment. We take the spiritual well being and the self-healing ability of those receiving energetic balancing seriously. Consequently, there's always a great deal of curiosity and anticipation.

We make a point of always sharing the results of our re-evaluation with the entire staff, because we believe that the only freedom lies in the truth, be it a truth we enjoy or one that disappoints. We further believe that ethic extends to you.

When asking about which frequencies were present at the time of her demise, we found a frequency not in the database. When asked which frequency it was most similar to, we found it was a malignancy frequency similar to an energetic frequency which is particularly devastating.

Obviously, that frequency is now on The AIM Program. That information is obviously no benefit to the woman who passed on. Actually, it will probably benefit no one. I say that because only three of the seventy or eighty new frequencies found in the past year are malignancy frequencies. None of the three have been found to be present in anyone else. As many of you know, that is not the case with most of the frequencies in consciousness we have found that we associate with viral energetic imbalances and prion energetic imbalances.

This woman had been rechecked, and her malignancy frequency was not discovered. We'll never know the reasons for that, but let me share some relevant information with you.

When someone has a life force of zero (0), they often will test positively for a life force of one hundred (100). I don't know why that is, but it is as if I am measuring both the life force as well as the lack of obstacles to higher consciousness. The measurement is not true in the opposite extreme. A genuine life force of 100 will not test positive at (0). Furthermore, a life force of 1 will not test positive at 99, etc.

Her energetic frequencies of hereditary and active malignancy frequency were initially missed on her recheck, but found by me after her demise. It would be easy to call that an example of simple human error. It may be just that: but, that may not necessarily be the case, because, often, frequencies that are masked and hidden while they are in a living subject are obvious and transparent when the subject is no longer alive. Perhaps that is because the hidden frequency has completed its task, and no longer has a reason to hide.

A few days ago, I found a frequency in a child which appears to be the dominant energetic imbalance in the frequency of Autism.

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