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Joice & David from Idaho - AIM participant since December 2002

After a very severe case of West Nile Virus doctors said David would never be able to work again, but after self-healing with the AIM Program he is feeling better and is back to work.
Tags: Energy; Gratitude; Miracle; Peace; Reassurance; West Nile Virus;

As the summer started my husband and I were both so hopeful for an exceptional summer. Little did we know how exceptional!

About the 20th of June, David started coming home from work and collapsing on the couch. He was grouchy and quite cranky. He reminded me of a wounded grizzly bear. The last week of July he worsened and ended up in the hospital. They did test after test. They put him on antibiotics and he got a terrible outbreak. He was disoriented and very, very ill.

He came home and improved little by little. The doctors saw him again on September 13th. Their conclusion was that he had had a very severe case of West Nile Virus. It is astonishing to me, the Doctors said he would never be able to work again, but David is back to work, feeling better, and accomplishing much! It is a miracle. I am so grateful that he was able to self-heal through The AIM Program. It seemed to bring peace and reassurance that was so necessary for us at that time. It seemed to aid me also with my stamina and well being to handle this trauma in both our lives. I felt like the energizer Bunny I just seemed to have the energy to keep going. That was wonderful. Thank you. I am so blessed!

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