Judy Greenough
Independent Facilitator for EMC²
(702) 247-8590
"AIM will forever be my foundation for well-being. Not only has my health improved, but I have removed blockages that have held me back for years. Thank you Stephen Lewis for your committment to helping humanity heal.
and thank you, Judy...
for your continuing gentle coaching and cupport whenever I call, since day one. Your integrity and warmth were what provided my initial confidence in AIM; your knowledge and devotion to the EMC2 mission makes you much more than just a Facilitator."
Arlene Bates, Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you for taking the time to learn about EMC, and now, to learn a little about me as your Facilitator. Ive been inspired by many, mentors, courses and books over the years, yet none helped me move from "hoping" to knowing, from separation to connection, the way EMC did in 2003. I finally got it - its not about mind control; its about consciousness and removing negative vibrations that create profound blockages that prohibit total well-being and hinder the ability to create well-being on every level.

Stephen performs a special evaluation on those of us who feel compelled to become Facilitators once we have experienced the AIM Program (currently 120 world-wide). I dont know what he checks - I only know that in January 2004, when I submitted my reasons for wanting to be a part of EMCs mission and the reasons I knew Id make a good Facilitator, they, along with what was revealed to him via my photograph, had to match the values and mission of EMC. I view this as the most significant interview of my life. Now, Im living my passion.

When you are ready to take on the responsibility for your own well-being and to utilize the Aim Program to provide empowerment tools to assist you in your healing, Im here to facilitate that process and to be here for you as your own personal AIM Coach. In this role, I fulfill my mission to assist, coach and support people who recognize their inner needs arent being met, who are ready to experience how good they are supposed to feel and who want to embrace the power of living a more conscious life.

There are many benefits provided to you by EMC, many of which are detailed on this site. I look forward to serving as one of your most valuable and supportive resources.


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